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Basic Detailing Services

We pay attention to every detail!

Give your car the highest quality care with our interior and exterior detail services. We only use the best products and techniques to ensure your car stays in top condition. Whether it's removing tough stains or bringing back the shine to your paint, our team of experienced professionals have got you covered.


  • Use an air compressor to lift and blow out all dirt, plus hard to reach areas

  • Vacuum up any and all interior dirt with a high powered vacuum

  • Use high quality safe chemicals to clean all vinyl, rubber and plastics, including: door jams, panels, cup holders, vents, steering wheel, head liner, LCD screens, dashboard and windows

  • Shampoo carpets, upholstery and seats using a brush to agitate and loosen up dirt particles, then extract with a high-powered carpet extractor for a final touch

  • Leather treatment and conditioner

  • Add protection against UV damage and to prevent mold



  • Pressure wash entire exterior including wheels, wheel wells and tires

  • Bug and tar detail

  • Hand wash with soft microfiber wash mitt and optimal car shampoo

  • Wheels and tires fully cleaned and dressed

  • Vinyl, rubber and plastics restored, dressed and protected

  • Apply ceramic spray to protect against the elements and for a glossy polished look



  • All Interior and Exterior   services included with this  package

  • Complimentary  steam cleaning

  • Decontamination

  • Ceramic coat protection spray (lasts up to 6 months!)

  • Bundle discount!




Car Engine

Our engine bay cleaning service will ensure your engine bay is restored to its original condition. We will carefully cover any sensitive areas including the air filter, alternator, wires, battery, and electrical components. We then proceed to hand clean the engine area with a detail brush, clean and wipe down the bottom side of the hood, pressure wash the outer area, hood and sides, and finally dry and apply dressing for a final touch.




Our head light restoration service will have your vehicle's headlights looking like new in no time. We start by protecting the surrounding areas with detail tape, then use a light grit sand paper to wet sand the  head lights until all swirls and fog is removed. We then use a polisher with a compound and polish to a glossy fine finish. Finally, we protect the head lights with a ceramic based coating for a long lasting protection.


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